Nov 10/11 2012

An introductory workshop designed to raise our level of knowledge about ourselves and the horse. Pat shares her experience in developing a partnership with the horse.

 Tools required are: a desire to expand your human-animal relationship

Bring your horse and your physical and emotional assets.

 Be prepared to spiritually plug into your horse and have a better understanding of how to ride.

Pat works to center body/mind connections before your ride. In the saddle, a heightened connection allows you to truly feel your horse.

WHEN: Saturday and/or Sunday – November 10th and/or November 11th

RAINDATE: Saturday and/or Sunday – November 17th and/or November 18th

 TIME: 9:00 A.M. – 5 P.M.

 WHERE: Shady Bridge Rd., Monticello, FL 32344 (Lloyd Area)

 COST: Introductory Workshop Price of $115.00 Includes food.



[email protected] or (917) 853-6539

Ground Breaking, Training Strategies

We need to start at the beginning!

Interesting ideas

Let’s listen to the horse’s conversation. Join Patricia Cleveland’s journey into solving the historical challenges shared between a man and his horse.

As a National Level Trainer Patricia’s horsemanship gravitated to physics and concepts of energy. Organic clues produced natural training strategies that transform weaknesses into strength, before riding or work. This changed several vital things! Behaviors, flexibility, hoof growth, and recovery from injuries.

This workshop leads into deeper conversations addressing prevention and positive approaches to Organic care, injury prevention, and training programs.

 Take the time to sign up for one of these events.

 Topic: The Body’s Secret Language:    Theory &  Hands-on

Date: Sept 8, 2012     Location:   Tallahassee Fl.           Time: 9:00- 4:30      Cost:  $130.00

Lunch  and materials

Contact:   Patricia Cleveland   email:  [email protected]

Topic: Introduction to the Balanced Horse Project:  Demo- Questions and Answers

Date Sept 22 2012         Location: Smith Lynd Equine   Time: 9:00-11:00    Cost $15.00

Bellingham MA            Contact:  Jamie Greenebaum   [email protected]

Topic: Introduction to the Balanced Horse Project:  Demo- Questions and Answers

Date Sept 22                     Location:  Concord  MA              Time 2:30 -4:30    Cost $15.00

Pet Owners          Sponsored by Gracie’s Mission:  ARF  Animal Rescue  Festival  

         Date Sept 23 2012     

          Location: Cashman Dog Park   Newburyport MA

Time: 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

  Meet me to bring your questions
 Discover how your pet can answer your questions.
                                                     See you’re there.

Join the shifting perspectives on training and caring for animals.

Introducing physical and energetic awareness shared with our animals.  This workshop provides natural interpretations of training issues, conformation, and resistance which expand into the language of energetic Equus and the culture of the primitive horse. The goal is to support owners, trainers, therapists, and healers open to new thoughts and holistic experiences. This workshop presents the foundational concepts which will be offered in-depth through the Balanced Horse Project’s,  educational accreditation program.

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Intro: The Balanced Horse Project

  • Re-interpreting the body.
  • Everything holds meaning-
  • Intro:  Energy and Science

Based on the science of Equilology; equilibrium of physical assets and of energy potential flowing through the universe, the body and the spirit to support the balanced state.