Racing Performance

The lame horse makes the money because he gets extra care. Today’s economy may change this reality. If you have horses going to the track whether it’s trotting, pacing, or running, its time to change your business strategy. It is possible to lower overheads and produce greater earnings.

Preventing breakdowns enhances the horse’s career. The Balanced Horse Project™ trains the body to maintain an efficient posture. This resolves pain, degenerative conditions, and reduces injuries. This process has been reproduced and documented since 2000. We have made winners out of losers and allowed owners to keep money in their pockets.

We focus on resolving issues before they actually occur. If injured, we map the body to isolate the primary source that effected to breakdown. There are no drugs, no invasive acts, and no special equipment. Your investment is, providing time for the horse’s body to adapt to its pain-free state.

The applications and strategies are based on multilevel concepts of harmonizing the body’s ability to hold enough potential energy to maintain the homeostatic process. This is not a maintenance or therapy program. The Balanced Horse Project’s™ and Regenerative TLC ™ promotes the process of whole-body renewal.

The Balanced Horse Project™ wants to introduce new energy into the horse industry. Now, you have an opportunity to race sound strong, straight horses that cost less to maintain. They train up faster; they race stronger, recover quickly, and have the ability to relax in between race days. We make your job easier.  We want to provide you with the best tips for racing horse training.