Fractured Foal and Animal Equilology

Intent and Distance

A breach birth foal experienced sever spinal injuries, fractured ribs and dislocated shoulders. Not a candidate for traditional care, normally this foal would be euthanized.

Photos taken when foal was 36 hours old.

The Balanced Horse Project© was approached to provided support based on Regenerative TLC©. These are the results to date. This study is on going.

These photos show a 7 week progression.         Visit Patricia Cleveland’s Facebook to view videos and Livery’s Transformation

May 8                                                                June 3                                     June 24                                 June 27

Photographs aided the development of passive body training exercises which started on day 4 of life. Skeptics were asked to re-frame from negative thoughts as they observed.The foal’s quality of life improved immediately after the first session. Now life holds potential aided by a re birthing concept and the power of intent. The foal is 1 ½ month’s age in the last photo taken after 7th session, reflecting spontaneous improvements when compared to the photo June 24, taken 2 days before.

The foal’s location Tulsa OK. Regenerative TLC Trainer©, Patricia Cleveland’s location Dothan Al. 827 miles away. Patricia is looking forward to meeting Liberty in person in the coming month.

The owner was instructed to envision this foal racing, with a perfectly normal body and gait. Patricia’s ability to reach inward and see the foal in her mind’s eye adds another dimension to the body transformation. as part of the Regenerative TLC© program, Patricia offered the foal the option to change conformation weakness into a well balanced body.

Regenerative TLC© expands the training potential by addressing the whole animal and the energetic systems surrounding it. The specially designed training exercises stimulate body awareness, allowing the mind to recognize the limitations. The natural process of self improvement occurs according to original design. Regenerative TLC© is designed to merge intent, environmental energy fields and the body. The rest is up to the individual’s life agenda.

Combining Physics and Spirit offers possibilities.

This is the Science of Animal Equilology© developed from the data of the Balanced Horse Project© .

Equilibrium and the Universal Body Concept© .

There is nothing too amazing to be true, just experiences waiting to happen.  Patricia Cleveland