Horses are astonishing animals. Their engaging eyes mask the intensity of a persistent conflict of mind over body. Without realizing the dualities faced by the horse, we often perceptive their behavior and physical challenges as willful or negative. Competition, training and work innocently ask the horse to make a choice. Does he protect his body or surrender to fate. Can we change his fate? Can we solve the mysteries which create body resistant, psychological decline and damaged bodies?

The Balanced Horse Project™ recognizes the lack of answers, research and resolutions referring to the conflicted horse. Natural, positive body changes, using empirical standards of investigation, research and double blind testing, validated theories forming facts.

Founder, Patricia Cleveland merged her equestrian interests with s experience, experimentation and study, to define the independent science of Equilology™. Removing artificial elements and utilizing organic resources to transform injured or traumatized horses. Advanced body improvements beyond established standards required farther investigation.

Equilology™ focuses on balance and rebalancing the body and much more. RegenerativeTLC™, is the training program designed to engage and support the body’s potential make over. . Physical limitations dissolve; traumas and weakness strengthen. As the body’s posture/conformation/feet improve, creating a balanced WHOLE horse.

Horses varying in age, size, condition and disciplines resolved, improved or redefined injuries, behavior and other challenges. The benefits of preventing training issues, produces capable, fit horses in short time. Horse in work experience improved flexibility reflected in performance.

Patricia has documented how previously lame horses can progress into the balanced state of wellbeing altering the perceptions of trainers. Patricia supports people struggling with challenged animals. RegenerativeTLC™ can be used on site or employed as a remote service anywhere in the world.

To provide the knowledge of this sciences for laypeople; trainers, owners, riders, handlers, managers or agents working in the animal industry, The Balanced Horse Project™ offers workshops, demonstrations, one on one consultation, books, radio shows, articles, interviews.

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