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Fancy language, tools, and gimmicks distract us from listening, looking at learning, and applying nature’s answers. Scientifically justified,  this approach to reversing the twist in the body of the horse. Consider the twist as an injury affecting the entire horse. what I focus on is the rejuvenation of the symmetrical body which lacks the imprinted trauma of birth. This program works best if the horse is barefoot to start. They require at least 14 days off. The best results happen when horses can have 6 to 12 weeks off.  The body goes through amazing changes quickly, if we just leave them alone. The time off depends on the individual and light work is possible after a week Step 1 prepares the horse to carry weight symmetrically. Step 2 reprogram the way you think. Step 3 get on and learn how to communicate without reins, legs, or aides. You experience the organic feeling of BEING with the horse. When you return to work, ride with less tack, and focus on your own posture and let the horse rediscover how to carry. Training session- Rejuvenation Training $180.00US  Drive in clients, travel fees apply if we come to you. Drive-Bys long-distance sets up a service route requiring 30 horses along a route. the cost $200.00 horse. Riding Lessons $90.00US Ride along for a day auditing $200.00 Bookings  can be done by e-mail: [email protected] Participating horses must be barefoot. Deposits of 50% guarantee your spot. Use Paypal on Or send a check,

Patricia has expanded to support dogs, cows, cats goat, and zoo animals. Her upside-down interpretation of the horse’s body and performance stress allows a body mapping system to directs attention to what the horse considers to be a true source of issues.


Energetic Experiential sessions: look deeper into the relationship with animals to develop deep partnerships. Photo Analysis: Evaluation,  investigate, map the body, and develop a Rejuvenation Training program. Consultation: There is an answer. Mobile Service:  Regular service in the Eastern US and Ontario Canada. Education: inquiries welcome.