Wymego’s Story

Wymego’s Story

What causes a brilliant horse to develop behavior issues?
The pain generated by physical actions interferes with relationships and gait. It leads to lameness, compensation injuries, and overall body breakdown. The Balanced Horse Project™’s training philosophy, balances the body before work under saddle or in harness.

Wymego feared his body’s pain when turning right. He protected his body with resistance. When pressured, he became physically violent. Adapting the Balanced Horse™ philosophies to the situation the following physical progression allowed the horse to redefine its posture, his emotional state, and his relationship with the people he worked with.

Veterinary inspections established the based line evidence of Crushed Heels, Navicular Syndrome potential. After 3 years of traditional systems of treatment, the horse showed limited or no signs of improvement in either behavior or shoeing issues.

The focus was placed on resolving layers of environmental, bio-mechanical, and bio-toxic states. From the feet to the top line, Wymego’s transformation was achieved naturally without artificial resources. Introducing the Balanced Horse Project’s “Whole Horse” philosophy produced the following results.

Slide 1:Shows the left and right front hooves profile at 2 months.
Note the ring pattern, showing the alterations that are occurring internally. As the body self adjusts, the pressure has been released throughout the body, producing a balanced and almost symmetrical growth pattern between the front hooves at the 4 months point.

The top set of heel photos show the horse’s condition after removing the corrective shoes.
Shoeing therapy had been applied for 3 years. The first exposure to our training philosophy triggered heel growth. The whole body’s influence of re-balancing stimulated rapid growth, producing 1/4 inch improvement in 11 days.

These two photos show the front quarter upon arrival and then 4 months later.
Note the position of the left front foot and the listing of the upper body. The horse could not hold a square stance. The second photo shows the improvement instance and listing. Note the change in chest development and evidence of muscle injuries starting to regenerate. The horse could stand square comfortably.

The progression continued with training support. The horse experienced lameness due to the rapid repositioning of the internal bones of the foot. After the primary correction, he went back to work under saddle and has consistently shown improvement in behavior, body strength, conformation, and hoof growth.

This is not a case of just Bare Foot Trimming, Equine Podiatry, or Veterinary Chiropractics. This proprietary training technique affects the whole body. After exposure to The Balanced Horse Project™’s programs the traditional standards of isolated problem maintenance, appear limited or incomplete.

The progressive techniques stem from our experience and data. Promoting Pre-training, training and rehabilitative strategies that strengthen the whole body naturally are versatile and work with a horse of any age.

The body’s natural transformation improves both form and function. The confident, barefoot Wymego, rides trails, is training dressage, and inspires others as they admire his natural form.