Releasing the Resistance

The living energy shared between us and the horse

Horse Posture, Cellular Retracing Improve Health Alabama Training Research Study

Releasing the resistance in the horse

The universe holds the answers for those who ask.  Many will ask friends, the experts, or strangers for help. Perhaps the rocks in the garden hold clues.
There many ways  of looking at a rock.
Describing the rock using complicated or specialized language isolates our ability to understand what we are looking at.
Yet the simplest statement, “it’s a rock”,  is understood by all.
Knowing that the rock is there, allows us to benefit by using it.

What does this have to do with training horses? Keep reading.

Nature provides us with answers, while science controls what we  learn.

The electric universe transmits a variety of frequencies that influence all that exists, all at the same instant.
Do not dismiss this TOO QUICKLY.

Energy is something that can not be seen, yet without energy there can be NO chemical reaction.
Our cars would not work, our bodies could not function, and the universe would not exist.
Keep it simple like the rock.

There are many ways to look at the  regenerative effects discussed in the Balanced Horse Project. The horse is just like the rock.  Everything is made of, holds, and releases energy.
Even the simple “ROCK” can be transformed into concrete,  fuel,  electricity,  magnetic fields,  or a beautiful sculpture. Energy can change the horse.


Consider the body as a conductor of various energies
that are responsible for;

Growth     Motion     States of wellness   Emotional states   Reproduction    Tissue Regeneration    Social interaction   and

Information collection and processing

Removing insulating or non conductive substances such as;

  • synthetic drugs or toxic chemicals
  • processed feed
  • corrective appliances
  • Negative emotional environments

When  essential energy,( light magnetic or electric) travels through the body with less interference,  the body can heal or develop more efficiently. By releasing the  blocks, we reduce the influence of pain, the horse  mentally relaxes. Most holistic therapies and energy medicines try to address this. The Balance Horse Project moves our thinking to a new level of problem solving. Instead of fixing or balancing parts o layers of the physical or energetic body,Theories of Quantum Mechanic provide a understanding which suggest we need to address balancing the whole horse  at once instead of the current isolated and specialized thinking.

Here are the facts:

Collecting data

The data, techniques, and results were generated by working with cast off or deathend horses who where removed from the modern standards of care and training. They where introduced to harmonic values, conductive resources and physical body balancing applications. Back tracing, foot measurement, improvement in soundness and behavior where how we judged the effectiveness of our theories. Adding the energetic element of  human Intent and theories relating to the electric/fractal/holographic universe came into play.

By observing  patterns of pain in the body, it is possible to locate the primary physical blocks creating the resistance or physical problems. The body actually showed us a map through signs and signals. The primary block or the first physical trauma acts like a key. When the key is turned to the balanced position, it releases the majority of the compensational twists or physical blocks altering the conformation of the horse. It engages the regeneration of the whole horse . When this physical gate is opened, the energy or frequencies of environmental  resource can be absorbed and used efficiently. This is not chiropractics or massage or reki. It is a reaction and technique which is new to the world of the horse. Homeostasis regenerate the damage parts of the body. Once this process starts, the pain reduces and the  mind relaxes promoting a somatic healing state.

  • Conformational improvement
  • Posture alignment
  • Bio-mechanics of movement corrected
  • Muscle development occurred
  • Pre-existing injuries resolved
  • Personalities and behavior issues improved

Do we really need
Drugs,   Invasive Acts,   Expensive Feed Supplements ,
Corrective Appliances ?

Energy release

The body is a super conductor of energy.
When the charge is strong enough, the body corrects all types of problems.
Improvements in hoof growth, posture, attitude and flexibility are common.

Some horses experienced brief periods of foot discomfort as the hooves adapted to bearing weight evenly.  Scar tissue and weak muscle groups will require time to repair. Improvements accumulate over a period of days, weeks, and months. This is known as homeostasis: the process of the body creating a balanced state.

Including the concepts of energy systems, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetic.  Our experience lead to opening the body, which in turn supported the body’s ability to  rebirth itself  from a cellular level outward, developing improved Symmetrical design, Balance . The study has been on going since 2000. During this period the applications, double blind tests and performance testing have added explanations and scientific citations to suggest this area of study is unique to the Balanced Horse Project. It has been named Equilology, the study of equilibrium in multiple scales, layers or dimensions.The horse is a system of equilibrium and provides great examples of the effects of this study.. If you want to experience the depth of natural change generated by the Balanced Horse Effect™, or wish to learn or receive support in training or resolving problems, ask me  for assistance.

Patricia Cleveland, founder
The Balanced Horse Project TM