Researched, Photographed, and Written By Patricia Cleveland

“To dream the impossible dream and realize that there is nothing too impossible to be true.”

After following veterinary direction, and seeing limited results, the owner researched alternative therapies to enhance the possibilities of healing her horse’s injuries.

Employing Homeopathic, Ultrasound Chiropractics, essential oils, and other modalities the horse showed above average results in recovering from the first injury.

She entered into the study of the Balanced Horse Project. Since this case, the techniques have been enhanced reducing the transforming time.

Being a dressage horse is not an easy job. They work hard to perform the impossible by working in a straight and symmetrical frame, one of the most unnatural expectations of any equine disciplines. Their training is often interrupted by injuries.

In Spree’s case, she was bred to be a dressage horse. At a young age, she showed great promise as an American Warmblood champion inline classes.

This changed after an injury to the medial branch of the superficial flexor tendon of the right front foot. The news was not great. A limited chance of being sound in the pasture was not the answer her owner could accept.

Searching out alternative support from researchers in ultrasound, holistic medicine, and structural release generated unexpected recovery with Spree becoming comfortable on her right leg. As the range of movement improved, the Veterinarians release her from care to start training under saddle.

Complications from therapeutic shoeing generated another limitation to Spree’s career. A fracture of the heel in her right foot set the horseback. The blacksmith and vet both modified the shoeing with no relief for the horse. Removing the shoes, and learning how to trim the horse herself, allowed the owner to control her horse’s recovery.

Time heals many things.  Spree’s fracture mended well, however, she was uneven in all her gaits, and trying to be a dressage horse was generating challenges for both horse and rider.

An opportunity to work with Patricia Cleveland at Red Leaf Farm Inc, the home of The Balance Horse Rehabilitation Center, opened the doors to a non-traditional approach which improved Spree’s athletic abilities. The biomechanics and weight-bearing influences of this advanced organic concept showed positive changes in conformation and the reduction of tendon scar tissue on the right leg.

Tendon Scar tissue before

Old and Cold

Recognizing the Impossible

Old and Cold from the side

Recognizing the Impossible- side view

Working in a relationship with the Balanced Horse Techniques, Spree’s body improves daily.

Once lame and uncomfortable, the horse is willing to work hard with ease and confidence.

Inspired by her horse, the owner entered Spree in a Recognized Dressage Show. This was her first show since the list of injuries and challenges began. Competing barefoot, there were no sore feet or stumbling. Instead, the horse sprang up off the work surface to show her gaits.

Spree’s performance history normally demonstrated muscle fatigue and unwillingness to work resulted in poor performance and tests. This pattern was changed.  After a Balanced Horse session on Sat evening, Spree performs above expectations on the second day, improving on the first day’s scores, significantly.

Many people complimented this horse rider team on their performance not knowing that this horse was given a 5% chance of ever being sound.

This horse show hot is at work. The system has determined this horse and rider’s dream had come to an end. The f commitment between a horse/ rider and positive support from the Balanced Horse Project kept the dream alive.

Competing at the Second level, they performed the required movements to score High Point Horse and Rider in their level.  Spree’s performance earned the owner, her long-awaited Bronze Medal in Dressage. A Great Day!

Spree and owner Tammy Opperman are showing at the fourth level and Tammy has her silver metal insight.

The Balance Horse LLC at Red Leaf Farm Inc. is excited at the opportunity to support owners of horses with physical challenges that reduce the ability to accomplish their goals or to just have a better quality of life.

Patricia Cleveland, the founder of the Balanced Horse Project, regenerative TLC, and the Balanced Horse Rehabilitation Center hosted by Red Leaf Farm Inc., in Dothan Alabama, promotes non-invasive posture improvements, combined with organic animal husbandry. The results show a direct influence on the whole body and all its functions. The body strives to heal itself. Our experience has proven that THERE IS NOTHING TOO AMAZING TO BE TRUE!