Earth and Life

Earth and Life Magazine Winter 2011

Balanced Horses-Loving Therapy Local equine Enthusiast Has Amazing Results.

By Susan Denham

Patricia Cleveland, proprietor of” The Balanced Horse Project,” makes some pretty wild claims. Some say she is a horse whisper. The reality is, she affects the lives of damaged or challenged horses in a positive way, using nothing but organic environments, a sense of balance, and energy.

I visited her farm and was introduced to 15 healthy, happy, shiny coated, and affectionate horses. Watching these graceful four-legged athletes orchestrate a ballet of graceful movement was breathtaking and terrifying at the same time. We stood in the middle of a field, as the herd settled. Each horse made a point of introducing themselves, aware of my insecurity.  A sense of family, comfort, and social communication put me at immediate ease.

Upon investigating I discovered that these horses were donated to this privately funded project because of conditions of chronic or extreme lameness, training resistance, violent behavior, and euthanization orders. Patricia says that these horses all came to her with a “Death Sentence”. It may seem harsh to call it that, but anything less would not do the truth justice.  “Every horse in this field arrived with a diagnosed untreatable lameness. Their problems have been my blessing,” Patricia said.

When I commented on how shiny and healthy they look, Patricia very proudly pointed out they haven’t been brushed in months. They are cared for as a natural herd. Suspiciously enough, I didn’t notice the first limp in the whole herd. Obviously her research into natural forms of body renewal had been effective.

This was getting too much to believe, so I started delving deeper. “What medications do you use?” Patricia replies without hesitation,  “None.”

“What kind of therapies do you use? She smiles, “Thought therapy, posture training, and positive energy.”

I continue, “What do you feed them?”  She states, “Nothing but hay, grass, minerals and positive energy.”

So my head is spinning as she shared how these horses were rehabilitated on just an organic diet, natural environment, a rebirthing experience and. . . love?  Well, it’s not quite that simple, but it was clearly effective.

Patricia has taken the time to rebalance the harmonic her 50-acre farm. When I asked what that means, I realized behind this act there was a lot of science and thought.

She replied “The body heals in a vascular state. In this day and age, with all the interference, stress, and distractions, our bodies, and those of our animals, are in a somatic state of chaos or stress.

You’re able to focus on absorbing healing materials when you’re in a vascular state, stress-free or relaxed. Whether it’s sound, light, vitamins, minerals, whatever you’re body is trying to integrate at the time.  You need to be in a harmonic state to absorb the materials you need to heal.”

Well, I let my left-brain chew on that for a minute. Then I asked, “How to balance the harmonic field?”

Stillness surrounded her words.“Broken colors like the sunlight creating shady light under a tree, a stillness like that moment at sunrise, healings sound wave in frequencies the body has a relaxed response to. Frequency 5.28hz for example breaks up all the artificial machinery and high pitched sounds, maintaining a wave of energy (sound) that stimulates cellular comfort in the body.”

In the house, the relaxing colors and background music calmed my nerves and my body. Yawn after yawn created embarrassment. Apparently I was feeling the effects of Patricia’s harmonic house. The wall painting, the textures, and frequency 528 planted into the music changed my body and emotion. My yawns according to Patricia, were my body’s way of naturally coming into balance with its environment. “This is my environment, just like outdoors is the horse’s environment”, suggests Patricia

I was starting to understand the concept of balancing the harmonics; I continued my line of inquiries, “What is your favorite color? “

“Choose the pleasant colors that you enjoy. Whatever color or combination of colors you are attracted to, illustrate the state of harmonics that is right for you at that moment. Turn off the TV; don’t listen to news or death culture dogma. Instead challenge your mind with painting, sports, and educational subjects on the internet. Disconnect from fear-based messages or negative emotions. Laugh or just stop your mind from thinking works well. Being relaxing or pleasing places and good company helps. Eat organic, healthy foods. If it has not had a life then how can it provide life! Avoid GMO and process goods as much as possible. The same holds true for all animals. Get rid of stress”

For Patricia working with animals is the same as humans.” Detoxify the body, get rid of the chemicals. Synthetic chemicals don’t have any bio-energy or enough electrical charge to add to the body’s supply of life force. When we introduce drugs into our bodies or our horse’s body, they drain the bio-energy of that organism, to produce healing effects that reduce the body’s assets.”

This mind-bending interview concluded with reviewing her “Evidence” book.  Filled with comparison, photographs, measurements, and tracings, years of accumulated documentation, illustrating the advancement of theory. Reviewed by medical professionals hoping to discredit her project, her study has validated the fact that environment, energy, and systems of body balance stimulate a natural renewal process.

The case study of Spree demonstrated the miraculous healing effect of this amazing person. Spree, a 2-year-old  mare was given a 5% chance by Auburn University, of being able to walk across a field. A devastating tendon injury in 2003 left her owner struggling for answers. In 2007 Patricia was introduced to the problem. As her skills sharpened the natural system of body renewal created what man could not. Patricia gives much credit to the owner for holding the mental image of a perfectly healthy, viable, and strong animal, as being a catalyst for her healing.  By Dec 21, 2008, you see a perfectly healthy, strong, happy, and eager to workhorse.  Spree has advanced to the 4th level in Recognized Dressage and continues to chase her owner’s dreams.

What I had planned to be a short interview turned into an adventure into the world of an advanced thinker, who holds a profound understanding of the things we can not explain. When opening the gate to her farm, you are entering an environment that feels like time has stopped a place to retreat and be real. No wonder horses and owners throughout North America visit her farm and experience their own miracle moments.