Programs and Payment


By Phone
30 minutes price $60.00
1-hour Package $120.00
1/12 hours Package $180.00
2-hour Package $240.00
3-hour Package $360.00
Photo/Video consultation by phone
1 hour $135.00
1 1/2 hours $200.00
2 hours $270.00
3 hour $400.00

Training Program Offered at Red Leaf Farm

Jump Start Program 45 days
Designed to support young horses before self-carriage before carrying the weight
It prevents or reducing career injuries, reduces training limitations, and increases performance efficiency
Base rate $1400.00 Prices may vary according to need
Volume discounts were available for breeders and performance trainers.

Stability Program 60 days
Designed to re-establish stable emotional, physical, and performance relationships.
Horses showing changes in behavior, or resistance to once easy work, are accessed and introduced to a series of nonweight bearing exercises to unwind the stress of training and use.
Base rate $1400.00 Prices may vary according to need

Performance Pro
Performance horses experience physical and emotional stress related to a decline in wellness, soundness, and ride-ability.
This program can be used for maintenance or rehab. Organic re-balancing of physically limiting postures and assessment of symmetrical bio-mechanics offers opportunities for correction prevention of improvement.
Base rate $1400.00 Prices may vary according to need

Riding lessons

Basic Balance.
discovering the core mechanics influencing the balance of the horse.
Ride your own horse without the use of mechanical and artificial aids.
Private only $80.00 Hour
Package 4 lessons $300.00

Designed for established riders using thought verses action to refine the riding experience.
Private only $80.00 Hour
Package 4 lessons $300.00