Forming partnerships / Anna Twinney

Radio Show – 02-05-2012 Patricia  Cleveland interviews Anna Twinney, the founder of Reach Out to Horse. They share insights about working with horses using the inner awareness to form partnership.  Anna is an internationally respected Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Trainer, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master she travels the world teaching the art of creating a […]

GMO and the conscious conspiracy

Radio Show – 01-08-2012 The Conscious Conspiracy Are we puppets in a conspiracy? Is there a connection between GMO food and Alimentus Codex? How are these social issues effecting our animals and our world? Consider the bigger picture.   (Click the Play button to listen) [audio:|titles=Balanced Horse Jan 8 2012]

Fungus & Energy

Radio Show – 12-11-2011 How the little things in life can affect your day. The secret relationships between energy fields and fungus.   (Click the Play button to listen) [audio:|titles=Balanced_Horse_Dec11]

Dualism & Balanced State

Radio Show – 10-02-2011 Dualism and the Affect of a Balanced State. (Click the Play button to listen) [audio:|titles=Balanced Horse Nov6]

GMO in feed

Do you know what your animals are eating. Venture into the subject of GMO in our feed resource for animals.