GMO and the conscious conspiracy

Radio Show – 01-08-2012 The Conscious Conspiracy Are we puppets in a conspiracy? Is there a connection between GMO food and Alimentus Codex? How are these social issues effecting our animals and our world? Consider the bigger picture.   (Click the Play button to listen) [audio:|titles=Balanced Horse Jan 8 2012]

Fungus & Energy

Radio Show – 12-11-2011 How the little things in life can affect your day. The secret relationships between energy fields and fungus.   (Click the Play button to listen) [audio:|titles=Balanced_Horse_Dec11]

Dualism & Balanced State

Radio Show – 10-02-2011 Dualism and the Affect of a Balanced State. (Click the Play button to listen) [audio:|titles=Balanced Horse Nov6]

GMO in feed

Do you know what your animals are eating. Venture into the subject of GMO in our feed resource for animals.

Animal communication / Pat Cleveland

Patricia Cleveland is interviewed by energetic healer Deborah Beauvais on Love by Intuition/ Dreamvision7 Radio. A discussion of the invisible conversations the occur between people and animals.