Cross species communication

Working in stress free relationships,  develops mutual understanding. The  secrets hidden in the horse’s body are revealed.  The story is heard, and understood. The interaction provides a voice for the silence shouts of equine frustration.

Human tradition is deaf to interactive information, feelings, thoughts, and gestures. This is how we have learned to listen to the silent language of the horse.Removing the medical histories, horror stories,  and human agendas, fills the barn with awareness to the concerns that are never heard.

Standing still, holding emotions at bay, we changed patterns of human dominance. Horses touch us, sharing their knowledge. They intuitively sense our intentions and emotional state. Speaking without words, you interact with a new culture. As the integrity of the experience strengthens, the horse allows you to know their truth. They demonstrate a hidden intelligence that brings meaning to physical moments of intimacy. With your intuitive level enhanced, you have the ability to “know.”

Working from the physical to the energetic, the exchange expand your awareness. Harmony effects this intimate place.  The instinct to survive, and the potential to change a mind  encompasses much more then this reality.

Horses  have taught me to interpret their bodies. Understanding  the hidden dynamics, has allowed  the adaption of  effective techniques. Their reward is to run pain free across the fields, acting wild, satisfying that primal need to RUN!

I am the translator for those who cannot hear. Accepting information through feelings, thoughts, and pictures from animal or other living organisms, promotes  inter-species exchanges.  Physical gestures  are a language of signs; the flick of an ear, the muzzle brushing your hand, the swish of the tail or the stomp of a foot, accent the intelligence behind the exchange.  This is your invitation into the culture of Equis.

Regardless of your views on the Balanced Horse Project™, its approach or its Organic developments, we hope that you will recognize the overall results.